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08:30 - 09:30 Matchmaking Breakfast

Get ready for a great day of learning and networking. We will help you to rise and shine with a mouth watering breakfast, speciality coffee and good company.

10:00 - 15:30 1-on-1 Matchmaking sessions

Don't miss your opportunity to expand your network among the FinTech elite. Hours of serious networking powered by the Conversation Starter tool. Before the event, you can share with others who you would like to meet and the expertise that you can offer. With a single click, you can ask fellow attendees to meet at the event. At the start of the event, you will receive your personal schedule of meetings.


Moderator of the day


09:15 - 09:30 Opening with Cora van Nieuwenhuizen

Member of European Parliament (MEP) Cora van Nieuwenhuizen is the rapporteur on Fintech on behalf of the European Parliament. She is the author of a report which will have an important influence on the European commission to boost FinTech in Europe. Cora will talk about the state of FinTech within the European Parliament.

 Cora (1)

09:30 - 10:00 Chris Skinner

Meet FinTech Titan Chris Skinner! One of the most authoritative voices in the Fintech Industry. Chris captures the pulse of the industry like no one else and will share his view on the coming of age of Fintech. Chris is known as the number one independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through the, as author of the bestselling book Digital Bank and its new sequel ValueWeb, and Chair of the European networking forum The Financial Services Club. He is on the Advisory Boards of many companies including Innovate Finance, Moven and Meniga, and has been voted one of the most influential people in banking by The Financial Brand as well as one of the Top 40 most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal’s Financial News. 

Chris Skinner

11:45 - 12:30 Do you have what it takes to start a revolution? 

Scaling up your business means you need to conquer your piece of the pie. To fight the competition in an already saturated marketplace you need to think and act like an insurgent. Listen to the mind blowing stories of former SAS trooper Phil Campion and learn from the strategies and tactics of successful insurgent movements.

Phil Campion

13:30 - 14:15 AI’s challenge isn’t on its way. It’s right now!

Artificial intelligence is a story of the future, and a story of today. While a further, high paced technological innovation will continue to drastically increase the potential of AI tools, a good number of AI technologies are already mature today. With different industries putting different relevance on different AI technologies, the challenge seems to univocally shift to finding the most valuable usage of this new set of tools; and to do so looking for strategic value going well beyond productivity gain. This search for value seems to be shifting the relationship between large corporates and technology innovators. Where the relationship between those two started off in a competitive mode, there is now a noticeable trend towards collaboration. Corporates who have the large client basis, market knowledge, business industry insights, and often also the financial means are turning to start-ups for AI technology expertise and tools, and they are doing so more and more in a partnership mode. Tomorrow is here today, so make sure to take on the challenge


14:30 - 15:15 Are you ready for serious growth? How to efficiently scale up your FinTech business!

The most dominant FinTech companies to emerge from the past decade's tech boom have proven that healthy growth is all about scaling. Are you working on what needs to be done to grow or are you just managing the status quo? An aspect that's often overlooked is the importance of perspective. In this masterclass we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What does it take to scale your business? How do you manage this efficiency? Jurgen Ingels - founder of Clear2Pay, and one of Europe's most prominent FinTech investors - discusses what it takes to successfully grow your business. European scale-ups join the debate and share their secrets with you.

Jurgen Ingels

15:30 - 16:15 Real growth starts beyond your comfort zone 

Growing your business is not a walk in the park. Your succes as an entrepreneur depends greatly on your ability to go the extra mile, to stay committed to your goals and to push your limits. Are you willing to leave the comfort zone of 'what is' and search for 'what can be'? You will find inspiration by listening to adventurer Cedric Dumont who dedicates his life to search for new adventures. What can you learn from the man who put on a wingsuit to fly over the great pyramids of Giza?

Cedric Dumont

16:15 - 16:30 Speech Minister of Finance


16:30 - 16:45 Awardshow

Witness the presentation of the FinTech Awards! Who will be the winners of the European FinTech Awards 2017? The 9 companies with the highest score in their category will take home the prestigious FinTech Awards.


10:30 - 11:00 Pitches: Alternative Finance

Incumbents obstruct job- and wealth creation by constraining finance for SMEs. New players are on the verge of solving this immense problem. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Alternative Finance category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta   Carbon Delta   Carbon Delta

11:15 - 11:45 Pitches: Blockchain/Bitcoin

Fuelled by stellar investments the biggest ever disruption in finance - blockchain - finally breaks through. Scaring the crap out of IT suppliers and exciting investors. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Blockchain - Bitcoin category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Carbon Delta

12:00 - 12:30 Pitches: Challengers Banks

Innovative banks emerge all over Europe eager to please millions of frustrated banking customers. Making banking easier, cheaper and a lot more fun. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Challengers Banks category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Carbon Delta

13:30 - 14:00 Pitches: Payments & Transfers

Waves of innovation, backed by billions in investment have made the act of paying seamless and secure for millions of customers. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Payments & Transfers category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Carbon Delta

14:15 - 14:45 Pitches: PFM Robo Advisory

Meet the new class of Robo-advisors that provide financial advice with minimal human intervention. Based on mathematical rules and algorithms. these companies will shape the future of finance. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the PFM Robo Advisory category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Carbon Delta


10:30 - 11:00 Pitches: Financial Inclusion

New players leapfrog old platforms to deliver mobile banking services to the disadvantaged. FinTech is fulfilling its potential for emerging economies. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Financial Inclusion category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Mybucks

11:15 - 11:45 Pitches: Innovative Banking Software

How can FinTechs help traditional institutions from keeping their customers happy? Is it even possible for these opposites to collaborate? The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Innovative Banking Software category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Connective Carbon Delta Carbon Delta

12:00 - 12:30 Pitches: InsurTech

Traditional insurance is gone. New players align individual premiums with what they know about your health status, car speed, home temperature and gym results. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the InsurTech category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Carbon Delta

13:30 - 14:00 Pitches: Risk, Intelligence & Security

Regulations, market dynamics, cyber threats, political developments. They can keep us awake at night. The need for state of the art forecasting, intelligence and security services that help us guide and protect our businesses is bigger then ever. The panel of judges will assess the top 3 companies in the Risk, Intelligence & Security category and will determine who will win a prestigious European FinTech Award 2017.

Carbon Delta Carbon Delta Seqvoia

14:30 - 15:15 Riding the waves of disruptive technology. How will the 3 technology megatrends impact the finance industry?

Buckle up for a roller coaster ride on the waves of disruptive technologies. We discuss Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain and share the latest insights and impact with our panel of experts and entrepreneurs.

Tania Martinez Mukul 

Arifa (1)

Press room

10:30 - 12:00 How to build a Fintech eco-system that prospers? 

In every European country there are numerous initiatives to build networks and eco-systems for Fintech. Some are already very successful, some are working hard to create impact. What are the ingredients for a Fintech network that works? What can we learn from each other and what role should banks, regulators, entrepreneurs and incubators play to stimulate growth, quality and profitability in the Fintech industry? Fintech Hubs come together to share experiences, stories and know-how.

AnetteDavidEmma VartolomeiOmeedThomas
Shaun Tanki BraastadMika Eriksson Fabian FredericLazaroYannMikko Martha Mghendi-Fisher


13:30 - 14:15 Fintech Bubble or Fintech Trouble redux

According to research from Citi, 44% of the business from existing financial services companies could be taken by startups, while McKinsey estimates up to 60% could be taken by fintech firms in the coming decade. How is it playing out, how is the banking industry responding and what do investors think? Thought leader and mentor Julian Levy is a well-known advisor to investors in technology. He presents us some facts & figures and and a perspective on the lie of the land in the FinTech industry. In the company of leading private equity and Venture Capital investors we will debate where the money comes from and who will beat the market. What is the current risk appetite and where should we place our bets?

Julian Levy Ian

Pat Wilson Johan Lundberg Nicholas Smalle Lucile Cornet


10:30 - 11:30 GDPR and regulatory sandboxes

The European Banking Federation recently issued a paper recommending the creation of a Europe-wide FinTech regulatory sandbox. A regulatory sandbox is a secure environment in which companies can test innovative products, services and business models without having to meet immediately all legal requirements. As FinTech startups and Scale Ups become part of the global financial system they need to come to terms with the regulatory framework imposed by the financial authorities but also by new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Are regulatory sandboxes a hype and/or marketing device or can they really help you reduce time to market, contain consequences of failure and offer assurance of the best solution for the end-user? In this session Wim De Waele from B-Hive discusses this question with the technology entrepreneur Davy Drees ( and Jan Vermeulen, representative of the National Bank of Belgium and responsible for the SPOC for Fintechs at the regulator.
Wim De Waele

13:30 - 14:00 Dreams can come true. How PACE Invoice accelerated its success

It is no secret that many startups dream to be acquired by larger financial institutions. Only a few actually make it happen. How to get the ball rolling? What does a business need to have to make it that far? On the first of June 2017, Flywire - a leading provider of international payment solutions - announced that it had acquired PACE Invoice. PACE Invoice, a multi-currency invoicing platform provider from London, is an alumni of Startupbootcamp. What can we learn from this success story? How can you benefit from the eco-system of mentors, partners, and investors in the FinTech industry? Come and join the debate with the CEOs of PACE Invoice, Flywire and Startupbootcamp.

James Shattock Mike MassaroFrancisco

14:30 - 15:15 The Challengers vs Establishment debate

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate. So that is exactly what we will bring you during the annual FinTech Challengers vs FinTech Establishment debate! Listen in, cheer, participate and enjoy as we exchange arguments and ideas that will help us all move forward in the FinTech industry. We bring you 4 rounds of lively discussion between eager opponents that will take a clear stand in issues that matter. From regulations to partnerships, from investment to bubbles. A brave group of debaters will speak their minds and share their believes with you.
 Lareina Kevin Mottard Laurent HerbillonDimitrios Psarrakis Megan Caywood Norris Koppel A Lex Weber

Grand Hall

10:00 - 10:15 Birdee - Meet the disrupters

Birdee is a digital saving management solution dedicated to Mass Affluent investors. It has been developed by Gambit Financial Solutions, a software company that implements customer-centric solutions in Europe since 2010. With Birdee, through a combination of powerful algorithms, everyone can invest, even if they have no personal fortune, nor advanced knowledge in finance.


10:15 - 10:30 GuardSquare - Meet the disrupters

GuardSquare is the global reference in mobile application protection. GuardSquare develops advanced software for the protection of Android and iOS applications against reverse engineering and hacking. The company’s products are used across the world in a broad range of industries, from financial services, e-commerce and the public sector to telecommunication, gaming and media. GuardSquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) and San Francisco (USA).


11:45 - 12:00 Meniga - Meet the disrupters

Meniga is a global leader in white-label digital banking solutions. Its award-winning products enable the world's largest financial institutions, such as Santander, Intesa, ING Direct, Commerzbank and mBank, to dramatically improve their online & mobile digital environment, enriching the user experience of over 50 million digital banking users across 20 countries.


12:30 - 12:45 Wealth Objects - Meet the disrupters

WealthObjects’ B2B2C Robo-Advisory and Engagement platform helps Banks, Investment firms, and Wealth Managers to launch a next generation digital wealth or investment manager (or) enhance their current offering quickly and at a fraction of the cost (compared to building and maintaining own solutions) using customisable modules to serve their digitally savvy affluent / HNW customers, and/or attract a much wider mass customer base such as the millennials.


12:45 - 13:00 Crosslend - Meet the disrupters

Crosslend offers a single-loan securitisation as a service, transforming loans originated across the EU into fungible bonds to enable both institutional and retail investment in consumer and SME credit cross-border, Europe-wide. They aim to unlock capital stuck on banks’ balance sheets, giving both private clients and SMEs across Europe better access to financing, helping promote economic growth within the EU and taking a significant step towards establishing a Capital Markets Union.


13:00 - 13:15 ID Now - Meet the disrupters

IDnow offers patented technology for innovative companies that allows their customers to verify their identity quickly and conveniently from online using their smartphone, tablet or webcam. This novel process replaces the antiquated PostIdent process and allows for significant improvements to conversion rates for online applications.


13:15 - 13:30 Sonect - Meet the disrupters

What UBER is to Taxis, AirBnB to Hotels, SONECT is for the ATMs. ATMs are expensive for banks to install and operate. Consumers often struggle to find, travel and pay for cash withdrawal from an ATM . On the other hand, cash handling requires merchants to spend time and money. Combining all these, global economy "wastes" over $300B every year while 75% of all consumer payments continue to happen using cash. SONECT disrupts the ATM industry by enabling any shop in the neighbourhood or any human being to act as a “virtual ATM”. It democratises the process of cash distribution. It is a location based match making platform that connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash - typically, a shop owner. It builds a community around local businesses and help them generate physical leads. Using SONECT: - local shops not only have less cash to manage at the end of the day but also earn money & attract new customers - individuals can avoid an extra trip to the ATM and withdraw money at the click of a button everywhere - banks can save upto 50% in running their ATM operation costs and generate revenue from location based payment data

 Logo Sonect

14:15 - 14:30 Dorsum - Meet the disrupters

Dorsum is an award-winning, innovative investment software provider. Since our foundation in 1996, we have reached a leading position in the CEE region. Our software portfolio offers solution for every step of the customer journey of bank clients looking for investments. The first step of which is to acquire new customers to start the journey. Very few company provides solution for the challenges of the customer acquisition especially using the latest technology. We developed a chatbot platform, Botboarding focusing mainly on this. It allows financial institutions to get to know specific customer preferences and offer fully personalized customer experience. The journey continues with the onboarding and our product for that is the Client Acquisition Tool which helps to maximize the onboarding and sales efficiency of advisory network with vivid presentations and instant investment recommendations. The core solution for customer relationship development is the Wealth Management Platform, a new generation front-to-mid solution that provides controlling, analyzing, monitoring a large number of accounts and supports the advisory process. For digital customer retention, Virtual Advice enables a traditional advisory company to address hundreds of its customers with a fully personalized and MiFID2 compliant advice in the digital space via a trendy mobile app.


15:00 - 15:15 Connective - Meet the disrupters

Digital Signatures re-invented! Intuitive, secure & compliant. Also having troubles selecting the digital signature provider fitting your company's needs & more important your customers’ expectations? Fully eIDAS compliant, pan-European, secure & above all something working out-of-the-box, on any device, anytime, anywhere! Let’s help you out. Connective changes the way you’ll look at identity verification and signature based digital transactions. Our core business is your customer's digital experience. Anyone can do electronic signatures. The key is to provide “duly authorized” signatures, eIDAS compliant, secure and easy to use


15:15 - 15:30 Kontomatik - Meet the disrupters

Kontomatik is a leading provider of the Banking API. The service supplied by Kontomatik is mostly aimed at the banks with competitive products, online lenders that are looking to optimize loan-issuing processes and start-ups that want to build their app around supreme technology. Online Credit Scoring, Instant KYC and Targetted Financial Offers are the key benefits supplied by Kontomatik, yet the main service is the provision of a tool that lets an organization become a true innovator in the financial industry.


16:45 - 18:00 Networking & Drinks

We hope you will join us for a drink and a snack while we bring you live entertainment. A great way to make new friends in the Fintech industry.

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