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The panel of judges consists of seasoned investors, academics, entrepreneurs, innovation leads and bankers with an extensive track record in the rapid changing world of finance. Get listed here. To suggest additional experts contact Niek van Geffen by email

To get an impression of the Panel of judges of 2016, please click here.

Thumb marc

Marc Oerke

Marc Oerke (Germany) is Head of Digital Corporate Ventures at Allianz Group. This is the digital corporate venturing part of Allianz investing in interesting InsurTech and FinTech companies. In this way they give impetus to their digital innovation.

Thumb david

David Gyori

David Gyori (Hungary) is CEO of Banking Reports which is a company that writes top quality off-the-shelf and on-demand reports for the financial services industry and the FinTech community. Furthermore David is strategic market analyst at FinTech Circle Innovate, Fintech consultant, trainer, speaker and author.

Thumb guill

Guillaume Dubray

Guillaume Dubray (Switzerland) is Managing Partner of Polytech ventures, an early stage VC investing in digital startups with a focus on FinTech. Besides Guillaume is the founder of FUSION, Switzerland's first FinTech accelerator based in Geneva. He has 15 years of experience in investment management and corporate finance.

Thumb 5691985

Jurgen Ingels

Jurgen Ingels (Belgium) is not only co-founder of Smartfin Capital, but also co-founder of Clear2Pay (sold for 375 mln to FIS), NGData and Volt Ventures. SmartFin Capital is a growth stage Private Equity Fund that provides capital to private growth companies with a special focus on FinTech.

Thumb frank

Frank Meane

Frank Maene has been working with software startups for the past 25 years, both as investor, coach and executive. Frank currently sits on the board of Awingu, BitSensor, Flavr, VAMP, Sentiance and SweepBright. Prior to Volta Ventures, he was a managing partner at Hummingbird Ventures and Big Bang Ventures.

Thumb micrea

Mircea Mihaescu

Mircea Mihaescu (Canada) is COO at Moven and former General Partner and FinTech investor at SBT Venture Capital. He has extensive experience with startups, and the development and deployment of large-scale software systems. Held senior executive positions at Sberbank and BMO Bank of Montreal.

Thumb manish

Manish Madhvani

Manish Madhvani (UK) is Co-Founder and MD of GP Bullhound. Manish has executed M&A and capital raising transactions since 1997, involving some of the best known global internet, software and media companies. Manish started his career at Barclays Capital’s Private Equity team.

Thumb benjami

Benjami Puigdevall

Benjami Puigdevall (Spain) is Managing Director Electronic Channels at La Caixa Bank and CEO of the so-called "e-la Caixa". He is responsible for the development of all the electronic channels of Caixa Bank, including home banking, mobiles, digital network and ATMs.

Thumb andreas

Andreas Kubli

Andreas Kubli (Switzerland) is Managing Director and Head Multichannel & Digitization at UBS. Prior to this he was heading the UBS Strategy & Business Development department. Before joining UBS he worked at McKinsey, where he has been Partner, for more than 11 years.

Thumb prakhar

Prakhar Mehrotra

Prakhar Mehrotra is currently leading a team of data scientists as part of the strategic finance group within Uber. Prior to joining Uber, he was a data scientist within Sales & Monetization finance at Twitter. He has an engineering degree from the California Institute of Technology.

Thumb pasc

Pascal Bouvier

Pascal Bouvier (France) is an investor and FinTech expert who has been active as a venture capitalist in the financial services industry for the past 6 years. Pascal currently serves as Venture Partner with Santander Innoventures.

Thumb jonas

Jonas Wenke

Jonas is an Investment Manager of CommerzVentures. CommerzVentures is the non-strategic Corporate VC of Commerzbank and invests in Fintech and Insurtech companies throughout Europe, Israel and the US.

Thumb pieter

Pieter Welten

Pieter is Principal at Prime Ventures, an established and proven Pan European Venture Capital firm based out of Amsterdam. He has been involved in the investments of e.g., SlimPay and iwoca.

Thumb iason

Iason Nikolakis

Iason is director investment at Anthemis. Anthemis is one of the biggest UK investment firms in FinTech. He leads in the discovery, evaluation and execution of investments.

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