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Selection process European FinTech Awards 2017

What does the selection process look like?

The first round. European FinTech companies are nominated by stakeholders, users and experts. Entries are submitted by filling out a form and after approval the FinTech company profiles are published on this website. Make sure the company profile is perfectly fine as your company will be judged based on that by the judges. 

The most important aspects to take into account on your company's profile are:

  1. 'customer proud of''
  2. 'customer case description'
  3. 'salespitch'  
  4. 'company uniqueness'

The next step is the determination of the FinTech top 100, consisting of the best 100 European FinTech companies.

The European FinTech Awards Top 100 is generated by combining public voting and expert assessment. The online voting starts on 1st of June and ends the 25th of August 2017.  

  1. Each approved FinTech company has a company profile on this website so that everyone (e.g. friends, stakeholders, customers) can vote for your promising company. Every vote will then help you and your company in becoming selected in the European FinTech top 100. 
  2. The enthusiasm of the general public is really important, and therefore the public votes constitutes 25% of the weight in determining the European FinTech Top 100.
  3. The panel of judges  will also assess the participants (based on your online profile) and this will constitute the other 75% of the weight in determining the European FinTech top 100. 

Based on both the votes of the public and assessment of the panel of judges the European FinTech overall top 100 and the European FinTech Top 3 per category will be announced at the end of August 2017.

The second and final round will be on September 27 2017 during the European FinTech Awards. At this day the Top 3 FinTech companies within each category will have ten minutes in front of the top-notch panel of judges, to show them why your company should win. 

On 27 September the winners of the European FinTech Awards will be announced. In every category there will be one winner and there will be one overall winner.

Questions asked by the panel of judges during the live pitches

  1. Innovation. Does the company seize a real opportunity and will it have the power to change the industry?
  2. Customer satisfaction. Does the company satisfy a real need or desire? Can the company provide evidence of the advantages its solution has over alternatives?
  3. Value. Does the company have a unique value proposition? What is the relationship between cost and benefits and the impact on the environment and society as a whole?
  4. Delivery. How are consumers engaged and how is the offering delivered and made available to the marketplace?
  5. Traction. Is the company still signing up new customers and can it retain them? 

Important dates:

1 June: Start online voting competition
1 August: Start judges with first assessment round 
25 August: End online voting competition
29 August: announcement of the European FinTech top 100 and Top 3 per category
26 September: Pre-conference European FinTech Awards in European Parliament Brussels
27 September: European FinTech Awards & Conference in Brussels

Please note: The main purpose of the European FinTech Awards is to celebrate innovators that shape the future and acknowledge the work these companies did to make a difference. The purpose of the European FinTech awards is not to scientifically prove who are the best FinTech companies. The judging is primarily based on the judges' individual views on the nominated companies using their expertise and knowledge. Scores cannot be shared with anyone since this information is confidential.

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