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European FinTech Awards 2017 ; Coming of Age of FinTech

You are more than welcome to visit the second edition of the European FinTech Awards where innovative and disruptive companies are awarded. This years theme is "The Coming of Age of FinTech".

FinTech is entering a new phase. More and more companies got some traction, however they need the big traditional institutions to get their services to the client. How to deal with growing pains since companies are boosted into this rapidly changing environment. 

Teams are growing and this means: how to attract talented people? How to create employee engagement? How to attract additional financial funds? How do I not lose the entrepreneurial spirit that brought this company to this stage? 

On the other hands, the financial institutions are still not safe. Missing out on one FinTech company could already mean that the competition signs an agreement with them. And with international pasporting coming soon to the playing field, banks have to make sure they know who are the hottest FinTechs on the entire European continent. 

During the European FinTech Awards 2017, we will have a look on several aspects of growing and traditional organisations. From leadership development, to deal with unexpected change, to characteristics of successful insurgence movements. Be inspired by on of the fastest growing companies in Europe, professional athletes, top coaches and many more. 
FinTech is entering a new phase. More and more companies got some traction, however they need the big traditional institutions to get their services to the client and they have to deal with a rapidly changing internal environment. 

Get inspired by:



Cedric Dumont
Get inspired by Cedric Dumont. He is a full time Red Bull Athlete, his main focus is travelling the world in search of new adventures and challenging projects, sharing his experience and inspiring others. "This is all about freedom, commitment and pushing your limits, it takes me to amazing places, teaches me respect for the environment and others, motivates me to improve, and keeps me humble on those high gravity days. Spending time on the road, meeting new friends all over the world, being close to the elements, sharing and inspiring, this is what keeps me moving and fascinates me, this is my way to live a free, mindful and engaged lifestyle


Phil Campion
How Insurgency's die or survive? What are the characteristics of successful insurgence movements? He became one of the few British soldiers ever to pass both the Royal Marines Commando selection and the Parachute Regiment, before going for the ultimate challenge - selection into the Special Air Service (22 SAS). Having served with distinction in many cutting edge combat operations in the SAS, he moved on to working the private military circuit and became a global gun for hire. He propelled himself to the top of his game and commanded teams of up to 100 private military operators around the globe.

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