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What we do

Tens of thousands of finance jobs are vanishing. Google, Apple, Facebook and countless FinTech startups are disrupting the financial sector. Innovative companies are eager to please millions of frustrated banking customers. Investors are fascinated by the phenomenal profits made by banks struggling with outdated technology. Today, more and more money is being invested in fintech. The Uber of the banking sector has not yet emerged, but this is only a matter of time. The European FinTech Awards are part of Alex van Groningen bv. Other events are: Dutch FinTech Awards and the African FinTech Awards.

At our goal is to:

  1. Map the developments in the financial technology sector worldwide
  2. Make FinTech companies more successful
  3. Help all stakeholders like financial institutions, policy makers, authorities, investors and advisors to connect
  4. Build a local and Global FinTech community and ecosystem


  1. Manager European FinTech Awards: Maud Meijvis, + 31 6 15 17 32 10
  2. Director: Melle Eijckelhoff, , mobile NL: +31 62 001 3546 | mobile SA: +27 82 584 6243
  3. Founder: Alex van Groningen,, mobile NL: +31 65 064 3283 | mobile SA: +27 76 945 2905
  4. Operations Manager: Stefanie Grimbergen,

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