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UnifiedPost simplifies critical business processes by fully exploiting digital technology, giving businesses the freedom to focus on what they do best while also enabling them to expand their business.

UnifiedPost, founded in 2000, started as a platform for document management and over the years acquired several companies to create the company we are today. We have 200 people working across Europe on a BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) platform based on the basic components: document, payment and identity who are expandable with several applications to support our customers with upgrading their business processes. UnifiedPost helps small, medium and large corporates to focus on what they do best – expanding their business! As an example, UnifiedPost’s Payment and Cash Management solutions services over 300 customers across a wide range of markets. To name a few: banks, insurance, media and non-profit. UnifiedPost offers a selection of payment solutions such as the full service corporate payment hub and the unique one-click-payment solutions (including our own and licensed payment solution provider Pay-NXT) integrated into other business processes such as e-invoicing. To summarize: with our one-stop-shop solution it is possible to completely streamline your business processes with customized or expandable solutions. That is what makes UnifiedPost unique as a FinTech company. Over the years we are servicing several Corporate Clients and Communities successfully. Just to highlight a few: Facturis, InterimSign, Assuralia and Thomson Reuters. Check our website for more details.

Name CEO: Hans Leybaert
Company founded in: 2000
Country: Belgium
Twitter: @UnifiedPost
Category: Payments & Transfers


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