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On demand insurance for the sharing economy

Tapoly's mission is to support the sharing economy. Participants in the sharing economy are under-served due to a lack of on demand insurance. Existing on demand insurance is currently expensive and inconvenient to obtain. 50% of people that need short-term insurance choose to go without because it's too expensive and cumbersome to sign-up, or the products that they need simply do not exist. 40% of the world's 3.4bn workforce will become freelancers by 2020, while currently there are 7m self-employed and temporary workers in the UK. Many marketplaces in the sharing economy are looking for insurance partners. Tapoly collaborates with these marketplaces to offer insurance products where risk is an issue for consumers. Tapoly offers a global platform that allows us to easily integrate our system with market places globally. We have already secured distribution channels totalling 80,000 potential customers. We are licensed by the FCA. We were selected by the W1Forward Insurtech Accelerator program to be in their second cohort. The program is sponsored by Allianz, MunichRe, SwissRe, Generali and eight other insurers. Our team is made up of experts in insurance, technology, marketing and finance.

Name CEO: Janthana Kaenprakhamroy
Company founded in: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @JanthanaK
Category: InsurTech


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