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Signicat allows banks to leverage existing customer IDs to connect users, devices and ‘things’ across channels, services and markets to accelerate on-boarding and increase usage

Signicat is the first and largest digital ID hub provider in the world, allowing financial institutions to create mutual trust between their organisation and its publics. By ditching manual, paper based processes and replacing them with access to a digital ID hub, customer on-boarding is accelerated and access to services is made simple and secure. Banks and fintechs can rapidly grow market share, easily acquire new customers, and ensure compliance with financial, privacy and data protection regulations including AML and KYC. 

It has two core products:
Signicat Assure - In the digital marketplace, a customer’s identity must be established digitally. Signicat can assure identities using existing national and public eID hub and digital ID paper verification (ID cards, passports, utility bills). A trusted, digital relationship is established from the outset without painful and lengthy on-boarding processes 
Signicat Connect - Allow customers to use multiple authentication methods, mainly smart device-based, to access services and transact within them. Reuse existing ID credentials for all services - enrol once, and “bolt on” new services instantly. Employ authentication methods in combination to create a solution that is best suited to the context - the individual, the device and the transaction – reducing risk and friction 

Name CEO: Gunnar Nordseth
Company founded in: 2007
Country: Norway
Twitter: @signicat
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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