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Prevents fraud. Protects your margins.

Ravelin is a UK company that provides payment fraud protection for online businesses. Established late in 2014 by ex-employees in charge of fraud at Hailo, the transport app, the team recognised that the combination of machine learning and graph networks was the best way to combat the increasing number of fraudulent payments faced by on-demand, real-time businesses. The application of these artificial intelligence techniques and highly efficient graph database approaches is Ravelin’s true innovative USP. Built by a small team of fifteen developers and data scientists, we take established academic best practice and apply it to solve real-world problems for our clients. Our customers have access to the data science capabilities that industry heavyweights like Google and Apple use, but have made it available to any business in a SaaS model. The product’s sleek design disguises the complexity of the underlying tech and makes it not just affordable but consumable, comprehensible, and actionable to a non-specialist user base.

Name CEO: Martin Sweeney
Company founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @ravelinhq
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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