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Querona (by YouNeedIT)

We leverage data for better decision making. Data virtualization. GDPR compliance support. PSD2 data aggregation.

Querona is a software platform created by polish company - YouNeedIT.

Passion: We joined the decades of experience and passion in data warehousing/business intelligence and invested 3-years profits in preparing globally innovative solution for financial sector.

Competitive advantage: Today, if you want to be a leader on the more and more competitive financial market - you must be data-driven. You need to work and make decisions faster than your competition (for example quick credit scoring based on information from multiple data sources, often Big and unstructured Data). You need to know all the details about your customers (360° customer view) to prepare more suitable marketing campaign or a tailored-made offer. This is possible when you know his/her interests, behavior and you know exactly where, how and when this customer is making decision. The companies must act and react with agility, flexibility and accuracy. We support you to deal with these challenges.

Benefits: Querona (virtual database) will let you use the data you have access to or you might have. Then you can join any data on the fly (even huge amounts thanks to in-built Big Data engine), you can prototype and build a data model, and finally make decision basing on data. The process is up to 80% faster. We will also let you save money! According to Gartner- "By 2018 organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets". That's what Querona is doing. Moreover, Querona will help you to become compliant with GDPR and to aggregate data in PSD2 (necessary features are being finalized).

Our achievements: Since market launch with Querona in March 2017, we were repeatedly awarded by our innovation and usefulness: in March we were presenting Querona to CEO Microsoft Satya Nadella, in June we were invited to Tokyo to present Querona to Japanese financial companies (130 persons) and in June we started cooperation with BNP Paribas after winning Hackathon. Moreover, we have a Proof of Concept in one of Polish Ministries. Our effort was awarded.

Our dream: Our goal is to be the partner for all the most recognizable European banks and insurers. We are ready for this !

Name CEO: Piotr Czarnas
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Poland
Twitter: @QueronaCom
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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