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Pich Technologies

Pich’s API makes it simple for developers and businesses to access financial data

Pich has simplified the infrastructure used to build financial products! Pich Technologies makes accessing financial data and easy by simplifying the connection to the banking infrastructure and financial institutions. Developers and businesses use our RESTful API which they integrate within minutes to get reliable, high-quality and up to date statement and account data . 

Pich provides developers the tools to integrate with bank infrastructure. We allow customers, across various market verticals to access account and the information held within them. Pich currently has primary products that allow users and developers to effortlessly interact with financial institutions. Our "Link" product allows you to collect transactional data from credit, debit, checking, savings, and more accounts in a clean, usable format. Our "Verify" product permits you to quickly verify account ownership using customer credentials at their bank. 

Our consistency, speed, and reliability allows Pich to support and power some of the most popular and trusted financial applications and service providers in Europe and abroad. 

Name CEO: Munya Gwisai
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Spain
Twitter: @PichTech
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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