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Innovation starts with you

Our belief ? Insurance needs to be transformed, for customers benefits. Our vision : Insurance must be simple, useful, accessible to all. How? With the launch of a brand new and innovative company. Moonshot-Internet is the Insurtech dedicated to E-Commerce to fulfill this vision into reality. More specifically, below are some key points that inspire us to launch this Insurtech : - Business problem: E-Merchants have issues of trust and some identified pain points during customer journey (for example delivery of goods) - Opportunity: micro-insurance and micro-services (contextual guarantees, low-price, short-term products) can help to eliminate frictions and improve customer journey experience and satisfaction - Target: E-merchants (Travel, E-retailers...) - New Digital solution: with products available through API on our marketplace and parametric pricing, Moonshot-Internet wants to increase the satisfaction of customers and margins of its partners.

Name CEO: Alexandre Rispal
Company founded in: 2017
Country: France
Twitter: @MoonshotOff
Category: InsurTech


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