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InsureApp; Anything you value, protected with a swipe

At InsureApp we believe that an insurance should be about you. It represents who you are, what you endeavor and protects what you love most. With our SaaS-platform we introduce the next generation of User Based Insurance (UBI), namely lifestyle-based insurance, based on user behavior and context. By analyzing several types of data (sensor data of your mobile phone, fitbits, homesensors) InsureApp contextualizes human behavior and translates this into the most personalized insurance on the planet. We blend with a user's realtime needs based on context and patterns by offering relevant insurances when applicable for example travel insurance or ad hoc on-demand insurance, activated by s simple swipe. Our self-learning algorithms predict circumstances and take action when required by providing accurate notifications regarding the possible prevention of loss (e.g. driving behavior) or lifestyle coaching (e.g. work-life balance).

Name CEO: Jochem Davids
Company founded in: 2016
Country: Netherlands
Category: InsurTech


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