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iMoney Payment

Free mobile payment platform integrating modular added value services: big data, geofencing and electronic invoicing

iMoney is the universal platform for mobile payments integrating big data, geofencing and other added value services for both consumers and business. iMoney turns a smartphone into a fast, secure and free of charge virtual PoS.

iMoney integrates 3D-Secure standards and the payment system does require the user to recharge and block money, it provides direct money transfers using credit/debit cards and bank accounts instead. It can be used between general users, for internet payments and in stores.

It provides the following modular features:
•    First, a Big Data analysis tool for business professionals that generates insightful market reports crossing customers’ demand with position data, behaviour and other data sources;
•    Second, a Geofencing platform that provides an advertising and communication channel between merchants and users, including customisable push notifications, moving the merchant’s showcase to the user’s mobile phone; 
•    Third, an electronic invoicing system for both automatic invoice generation and payment based on normalised barcodes.

iMoney can be used as a standalone platform or it can be integrated in third-party systems. 

iMoney is to payments as WhatsApp to SMS.

Name CEO: Clemente Sierra
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Spain
Twitter: @iMoneyPayment
Category: Payments & Transfers


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