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I/O Digital

secure, innovative, enterprise grade and user friendly Blockchain ecosystem

I/O Digital is developing Blockchain technology since 2014. We have a strong focus on security, sustainability, scalability, enterprise usage and user friendly-ness. With our Open Source technology we are creating business opportunities, new jobs and technological innovation in many different sectors. Environmentally friendly, cost effective / redundant and easy adoptable by any company that is in need of a robust, secure and proven Blockchain for their Proof of Concept. Standard integrated Blockchain features; AES 256 encrypted messaging system, encrypted data storage, alias (DNS) system and data ownership transfer system. Think of storing smart contracts, legal documents, music rights, ownership information, identity info, intellectual property and votes in the blockchain where the consensus model ensures public or private validity of this stored information where document / data ownership can be transferred from A to B. Facilitating governance with a hybrid Blockchain solution and building bridges in the Blockchain eco system.

Name CEO: Richard Groen (COO)
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @io_coin
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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