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Hufsy offers a time-saving bank account customised for startups

Hufsy was established in Dec 2015 with offices in Copenhagen and Berlin. Hufsy offers a time-saving bank account customised for startups. With Hufsy you get an instant overview of how your business is doing. Just like a fitness tracker tracks your health, Hufsy tracks your business' financial health. Hufsy automatically syncs with your accounting system, so you never have to manually balance it out again. Further, Hufsy integrates with the systems and tools that you use for running your business such as payroll and invoicing, but also non-financial tools such as Slack, Shopify and Dropbox. This allows you to manage your financials from one single place. Hufsy enables startups to spend less time banking and more time building their business. Help us! Please vote for Hufsy.

Name CEO: Rafal Lipinski
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Denmark
Twitter: getHufsy
Category: Challenger Banks


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