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The first and only platform in the world where growth companies are funded and traded across borders. On Blockchain.

Early-stage companies around the world in general, face significant problems accessing financing to support their foundation, fuel growth, and enhance their competitiveness in global markets. Innovative companies when their business is still in the pre-revenue phase have traditionally had almost no other financing option but to turn to equity investors such as business angels and venture capital firms. Since venture capital funds need to generate large profits, they tend to invest on average about €350,000-400,000 at the seed stage and around €1 million at the startup stage. Financing is thus, only available to a limited number of early-stage companies. Funderbeam’s main aim is to solve the significant financing gap for startup equity investments. Additionally, we aim to facilitate investments (equity, convertible note, fund, and bond) of the sizes offered by traditional methods. The Funderbeam platform consists of a data intelligence platform, which contains two action layers: syndication and trading. Funderbeam is responsible for the interaction with the platform’s users (investors and investees), providing data about companies, and composing valid bitcoin/Colored Coins transactions.

Name CEO: Kaidi Ruusalepp
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Estonia
Twitter: @funderbeam
Category: Alternative Finance


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