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The next generation in invoice financing for SMEs

FRENNS is an innovative, fully automated platform that leverages AI to provide invoice financing for SMEs in Europe. It is a fast, efficient and safe way for budding companies to access the capital they need to prosper and grow. Invoice financing has been used for years to source capital, but traditional providers make it complicated and even impossible for a large portion of SMEs. FRENNS makes it possible by connecting enterprises with investors directly, thereby eliminating the middle man and need for collateral. Enterprises that want to place an invoice up for bid can join the platform and begin the process in one hour or less. No more waiting 2-20 days for regular invoice financing companies. Once they are on board, the system analyzes SMEs’ real time financial situations using patented technology to sync with 800 various accounting systems throughout the globe – making credit scores irrelevant, and granting access to finance for millions of companies who need it. It also enables investors to make proper assessments with unparalleled transparency and security.

Name CEO: Per Frennbro
Company founded in: 2016
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @frennsglobal
Category: Alternative Finance


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