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EasyPay Albania

The most inclusive payment and money transfer solution in Albania. Our mission is to make people's lives easier.

EasyPay is the leading ewallet solution in Albania. We offer a large portfolio of over 15 local services such as utility payments, mobile topups, TV subscriptions, police fines, e-commerce payments, online betting etc; all in the Albanian local currency (ALL). Our customers can make real time payments for all our services either through the EasyPay mobile app or through our extensive network of over 320 POS in Albania.

Being the first online and mobile payment provider in Albania, we focus to target and reach the unbanked which make up for 58% of the population, playing a key role in the financial inclusion of the region. Customers who do not have access to banking can easily convert cash to electronic money free of charge, at any EasyPay POS, which can then be used at anytime for all the payments with the EasyPay platform. Recently Easypay has entered into an important partnership with RIA Financial, the third biggest MTO worldwide. As a result, we now provide cheap remittance services to low and middle income households through the Easypay network.

We have proudly won the 'Blerta e Arte' Prize from the Government of Albania in the Tech Sector and 'Woman of the Year in ICT 2015' for Linda Shomo, our founder&CEO. For now, our short-term strategy is to expand in the Balkans, mainly Kosovo and Macedonia where there are similar gaps in the market. We have already started negotiations with local partners there.

Overall, EasyPay has attracted about 560 000 walk-in and registered customers and grows annually by 30-40%. We process about 100 000 transactions per month, and our turnover for the first half of 2017 has already reached 15 million Euros.

Name CEO: Linda Shomo
Company founded in: 2010
Country: Albania
Category: Financial Inclusion


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