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Complete goal based online investment management

Experience brought us insight in what people need when making financial decisions. The most heard problems: • How do I to build up extra money for my pension or children’s education? • I have excess money, now and every month, what can I do? • What kind of investor am I? Should I save, buy shares or buy bonds? • How do I create my ideal personal investment portfolio? • How do I keep calm when financial markets go crazy or saving interests drop to zero? • What must I do to stay on track? These questions guided us to develop 1. helps you to create a concrete financial goal(s) and makes sure you reach them 2. determines your maximum risk profile through an automated client inventory 3. decides in what way you should invest (including a savings account) 4. calculates the highest success probability on a daily basis to keep your portfolio in line with the best investment strategy within your accepted maximum risk profile 5. keeps you calm because it shows your progress in ‘probability’ that incorporates risk, reward and most important time. 6. gives you concrete advice about what you can do to keep your probability healthy and stay on track So no more need to figure out what kind of investor you are. Nobody really knows what a neutral portfolio is anyway. Let your goal be your guide in how to invest and when to change strategies. You pick your goal, we get you there.

Name CEO: Tjade Groot
Company founded in: 2016
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: -
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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