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Doccle is the largest and most versatile administration tool in Belgium and beyond.

Turnover : 5.5 mio € in 3 years. Personnel: 12 people. Innovation through business model. Digital interaction between consumers&companies. Doccle is the largest and most versatile administration ecosystem in Belgium and beyond. With over 900,000 active users and over a million connections between end users and organizations, Doccle has established a patented, trustworthy and indispensable platform for online administration. The number of partnered companies expands exponentially every year, starting with four companies in 2014 to more than 56 partners today. These partners represent all kinds of industries, from health care and human resources over telecom, energy, services all the way to banking and insurance. But not only private organizations are involved, the federal government as well as a number of local governments have joined Doccle in order to offer their documents in one reliable digital environment. By listening and working closely with both private users and professional partners, Doccle is building a better, safer and even easier solution every day. Doccle offers an interactive platform where people can manage, handle and archive all sorts of documents. Doccle is committed to keeping the threshold for individuals and businesses as low as possible and will always be free for end users.

Name CEO: Bram Lerouge
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Belgium
Twitter: @docclebe
Category: Payments & Transfers


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