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Digiteal, your personal assistant that manages and pays your bills!

Why? Citizens and bill issuers are currently looking in opposite directions: citizens want one simple way to manage their bills and issuers want to get all their customers on their app, their webportal, etc. Consequences for the society: waste of time, money, energy and carbon footprint. Digiteal is driven by purpose and wants to turn this waste in productive matters.

How? By bringing added-value to each party involved in the billing process, from the presentation to the payment, Digiteal wants to gather them around a win-win situation. And everybody knows that to move forward in an efficient way, nothing is more important that looking in the same direction.

What? By hiring his/her free personal e-assistant (Web or mobile environment), the citizen will be able to delegate the management and even the payment of his/her e-bills. Your Digiteal assistant will centralize your e-bills, will inform you when you receive a new one, will prepare it for the payment, and if you want, can even automatically pay it! By presenting its bills in the Digiteal environment, the issuer reduces its administrative costs, keeps a direct communication channel with its customers and improves the service supplied!

Next step? Vote to achieve this win-win, for you, for us, for the society: it will definitely encourage us!

Name CEO: Cédric Nève
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Belgium
Category: Payments & Transfers


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