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Declaree is a SaaS Expense Management system that is used by organisations to digitise the expense management processes.

Declaree is an online Expense Management system that offers a native smartphone app to digitise expenses on the go. The app is used by employees to digitise receipts, mileages, and other reimbursable fees, instead of filling out monthly expense forms in Excel or on paper. Declaree stores all receipts online where managers can review and approve all expenses and link them directly to accounting. The advanced software offers powerful functionality providing organisations total control over employee spend with one single and easy to use application. By integrating numerous accounting and salary software suites Declaree makes the financial reporting of expenses as easy as one single mouse click. Outstanding User Experience & Usability, Budgeting rules, Policy enforcement, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language setup, Automated VAT Calculation, Off-line Storage, integrated and automated Creditcard matching and Fraud Detection are some of the key features integrated into the Declaree digital Expense Management solution. Declaree is designed and equipped to manage all employee expenses. One application to control and configure the entire Expense Management process gives you back the power and efficiency in your cost control.

Name CEO: Bas Janssen
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @DeclareeApp
Category: Payments & Transfers


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