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Breakthrough security with a unique Digital Risk Monitoring platform that detects online vulnerabilities and prevents cyber incidents.

Do you know your online footprint? Knowing your online footprint is essential for managing cyber risks and protecting your organization’s brand. We make sure your online reputation is never at stake and help you to not become next week’s negative news story. Digital Risk is not limited to technical risk. It concerns all online risks related to your organization which can harm your business, employees and reputation. Therefore it is essential to get 24/7 insight into your online Digital Risk channels. The Cybersprint Digital Risk Monitoring (DRM) Platform is developed by Cybersprint as the first European platform that gives organizations realtime insight into the visible and hidden online vulnerabilities and risks. The platform detects vulnerabilities of your brand on: Web, Network, Darkweb, Social Media, Mobile Apps & on IoT devices. We offer our clients: continuous, realtime, insight into the entire online attack surface of the organization, immediate vulnerability detection, automated risk analysis and industry-specific compliance reporting. We advice and provide service on remedial actions. This way, our clients always stay one ‘cybersprint’ ahead of hackers. What makes us unique? For a large financial institution we have found 30% more assets than our largest competitor 20% of phishing sites we found had not been discovered yet We employ the best, prize-winning hackers Cybersprint helps you to discover the hidden risks in the ever changing digital landscape and to restore possible breaches, to prevent cybersecurity incidents from happening.

Name CEO: Pieter Jansen
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @Cybersprintnl
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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