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Next generation fraud management with investigation intelligence embedded in case management to monitor, detect and resolve fraud effectively and efficiently.

BusinessForensics offers breakthrough enterprise fraud management solutions. In order to stay compliant with national and international regulations, financial institutions need to check all transactions and regularly check the background of all their customers. This is a time consuming and error prone process with fines for non compliance reaching 1B$ per case. BusinessForensics offers an innovative technology, making it easier for our customers to comply and be more effective. Companies that already use our technology are: Aegon, Rabobank, RDW, NIBC and the Dutch government. Traditional, rule-based monitoring tools primarily detect the known fraud scenario’s. By using our machine learning detection mechanisms you will find more then the known scenario’s. With a fully configurable integrated workflow, all the found cases can be dealt with in a standardised, customisable and automated manner. We typically save 30% of the total time spend to comply, and significantly reduce the throughput time for our customers.

Name CEO: Tames Rietdijk
Company founded in: 2010
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @busforensics
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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