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Bondora is a leading Pan-European marketplace lender, founded in 2009.

Bondora is a leading Pan-European marketplace lender with a focus on the unsecured consumer loan market. Founded in 2009 Bondora currently has over 27,500 investors from 67 countries performing lending activities in 3 Eurozone countries (Spain, Finland and Estonia) with over 97 000 000 € loans issued so far. Investors on Bondora have already received over EUR 21 million of net interest income.

Bondora has proven to its borrowers over the years that lending does not have to be difficult and technology can help a lot. Bondora is using latest technologies to make borrowing quick, affordable and personalized.

Bondora was the world’s first cross-border lending platform. Dating back to 2009, Bondora has solid track record of providing high returns to investors in both negative and positive market conditions. Bondora is also one of the few lending platforms that offers full transparency by publishing all of its transaction ledgers and data on issued loans.

Name CEO: Pärtel Tomberg
Company founded in: 2009
Country: Estonia
Twitter: @Bondora_com
Category: Alternative Finance


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