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Behavox enables clients to demonstrate their ultimate commitment to fair and effective capital markets. Read here everything you need to know about compliance.

Behavox DQ checks 100% of the data that is about to be archived against data quality standards. The process is automatic, continuous and efficient. The system is based on proprietary Machine Learning algorithms developed over 4.5 years in partnership with Nokia’s R&D lab in Tampere. Behavox is a unique story, solution, and team. Our client base has a very complex problem to solve and the current approach is inadequate on many levels. No provider sees the problem as clearly as we do, or is better equipped to solve it. We are completely dedicated to ensuring a journey towards fair and efficient capital markets. We have solved problems like this in the past, and we are going to do it again. The team behind Behavox adheres to the fundamental rules of building a successful business. We have the perfect mix of IT talent, business acumen and ‘been there, done that’ experience. IT talent: Our story starts at Sun Microsystems, where our chief data scientist and CTO first meet and begin to weave their magic. As this world-class development team branches out to form its own business, it develops its own groundbreaking IP in voice analysis more than four years ago. Strong partnerships follow to form the right research foundation and the first pillar of the Behavox solution is in place. Business acumen: The second pillar is not far behind. Our CEO meets the development team, uses his natural talent for business analysis honed while working at Goldman Sachs, and sees the commercial application for the code. He helps the team refine the offering based on his intimate knowledge of capital markets at GS and in running funds at GLG Partners. Some battle scars and grey hair: Behavox has attracted some very credible software veterans who have been there, and built then sold the sort of businesses (Orchestria; Complinet) that have become industry standards and are still being used prolifically in capital markets compliance. Behavox is funded by industry captains with knowledge, connections and experience in financial software and capital markets that is beyond compare. Our secret is out, the preparation we have meticulously planned is in place. We are ready for scale, enduring customer relationships, success.

Name CEO: Erkin Adylov
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @behavox
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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