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Auxmoney is the leading credit marketplace in continental Europe

Private and institutional investors directly invest in approved borrowers of different score classes. Avoiding the bank as intermediary, auxmoney can make more favorable loans available to more people, while enabling investors to benefit from attractive risk-adjusted returns. More than 50,000 investors have funded more than 70,000 loan requests with a total volume of nearly €500 million. Through the use of digital technology and its sophisticated scoring methods auxmoney can provide credit access to million more people. Thereby also serving borrowers who are unjustified rejected from credit access by banks, such as students, self-smployees, founders and employees in probation period. With its approach auxmoney unlocks a Euro 22bn market for consumer credit in Germany (Source: PwC-Study 2016).

Name CEO: Raffael Johnen
Company founded in: 2007
Country: Germany
Twitter: @auxmoney
Category: Alternative Finance


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