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ASTON iTrade Finance

Awarded Fintech of the Year 2015 in France, ASTON iTF is the first BtoB global trade receivable platform : dunning, credit insurance, funding.

Cash and short term funding are the top priorities of Corporates. Trade Receivables represent 40% of their assets... But are under valuate. The solution : our platform, the first collaborative platform to valuate clients trade receivables and payables. Global allowing to leverage the 3 ways to optimize the order to cash process : 1/ the dunning, 2/ the credit risk management (credit scoring and credit insurance) 3/ factoring. Disruptive, we allow the creation of a digital channel between all the actors in Clients receivables management: Corporates, Credit Insurers and Factors. It's a new way to digitalize financial institutions sales. Last but not least our "Credit Advisor" process is the trip advisor for BtoB scoring. . We observed among our customers, a decrease of their DSO : 5 days on average. In October, we injected 30 millions euros in funding and captured in 2015 € 1 billion euro of Trade Receivables. Positioning Aston iTrade Finance as the leader in the valuation of Clients receivables B2B. Aston iTrade Finance is the only DISRUPTIVE and COLLABORATIVE B2B platform dedicated to trade receivables valuation. Get more cash, less credit risk, more funding !

Name CEO: Amaury de la Lance
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @astonitf
Category: Financial Inclusion


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