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ascribe has built BigchainDB, the scalable blockchain database.

Blockchain heralds a new Internet based on shared and distributed ledgers. It’s trillion dollar opportunity that is moving forward in many directions with $1B invested since 2013, 500 startups in the space and 100 enterprises exploring proof-of-concept experiments. However, overall progress is impeded by scalability and privacy concerns. To scale to the world’s needs, blockchains need to have 1,000,000x increase in throughput to handle the transaction volume and network traffic for trading, payment processing and IoT. To handle privacy concerns, blockchains need rich permissioning. Meet BigchainDB, the scalable blockchain database. ascribe has built BigchainDB, a 1,000,000 writes per second blockchain with rich permissioning that can be used for public or private networks. Our blockchain has petabytes of capacity so enterprise users are no longer constrained by the OP_RETURN field. It’s an open source blockchain for the world. Rather than trying to scale up blockchain technology, BigchainDB starts with a big data distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics - decentralized control, immutability and the transfer of digital assets. BigchainDB fills a gap in the decentralization ecosystem: a decentralized database, at scale. It is complementary to decentralized processing platforms and decentralized file systems. We’ve proven out the technology, booked $150k in revenue with a lead customer, signed four MOUs and are in discussions with more companies to deploy BigchainDB. We are in the process of productizing the suite for a 1.0 release to both the public and private enterprises.

Name CEO: Bruce Pon
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @ascribeio
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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