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Alternative Business Funding Ltd

The simple, safe and efficient way for SMEs to find funding for their business

ABF’s Funder Finder Engine lets SME’s search for business funding by answering some simple questions about their business and funding needs. Funder Finder gives SMEs access to 115 UK funders/products through an online process taking less than 5 minutes. ABF was founded in 2013 as a sign-posting site to help SMEs in their journey to obtaining business funding. ABFs goal has always been to invoke change in the way SMEs attain business funding, in turn increasing the amount of finance released into the UK SME sector. ABF saw an opportunity to create a market leading online platform to facilitate access to funders and increase deal flow. In June 2016 the Funder Finder was launched enhancing the customer journey allowing SMEs to be matched with potential funders and send enquiries to multiple funders, quickly, online. ABF puts SME engagement and education at the heart of the proposition and seeks to create value at every touchpoint. The online journey gives SMEs access to educational information about alternative sources of business funding enhancing their knowledge and ability to obtain finance. SMEs are already returning to ABF following their first round of funding in order obtain further funding to continue growing their businesses. H M Treasury (UK) has just announced ABF will be joining the UK government-backed bank referral scheme that requires 9 of the UK’s biggest banks to pass on the details of small businesses they have turned down for loans to government designated finance platforms. ABF will join the scheme from 1st November 2017 to widen further the options available to businesses via the scheme.

Name CEO: Adam Tavener
Company founded in: 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @NonBankFunding
Category: Alternative Finance


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