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Accept payments in Latin America

allpago is the leading payment service provider for the LATAM region with offices in Bogotá, Berlin, São Paulo and Mexico City, which was founded in 2010. allpago provides all relevant local payment methods and features through one API and one single platform. The company’s solution offers the best conversion rates providing state-of-the-art technology and legal advice necessary for a successful e-Commerce operation in Latin America. allpago offers customized cross-border solutions for selected payment methods and has an exclusive partnership with PAYPAL, offering seller protection for foreign merchants. In addition allpago offers tax advice and legal support for setting up local legal entities to comply with scheme rules. Through allpago merchants get omni-channel access to local payment methods through one integration. This at least doubles the revenues of our clients in the region. allpago enables Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies to offer the necessary local payment methods in the LATAM market, which account for around 80% of their revenues. Current clients include, Getty Images, Intel Security McAfee, Norton Symantec, Paylogic, Sumup, Teamviewer and many other leading payment and digital companies.

Name CEO: Philipp Bock
Company founded in: 2012
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @philippbock
Category: Payments & Transfers


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