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AlgoDynamix Ltd.

Financial risk forecasting tools providing hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements.

AlgoDynamix is a deep data software risk analytics company focusing on financially disruptive events. The software detects anomalies in the financial markets and anticipates directional price movements hours (or days) in advance of the event. Unlike other solutions, the underlying risk analytics technology does not require any historical data or knowledge of previous disruptive events. Existing clients include investment banks and asset managers. The underlying risk analytics engine is based on sophisticated ‘deep data’ agent-based algorithms scanning, in real-time, multiple quantitative and qualitative data sources. These algorithms analyse the dynamic behaviour of market participants – i.e. buyers and sellers – and cluster them based on common feature sets. Noise classification, cluster identification and behavioural finance theory are part of our unique core capabilities. This 'AI' technology (unsupervised machine learning) is based on many years of research at the University of Cambridge (UK). The company is backed by institutional investors including Amadeus Capital Partners and was recently nominated as one of the UK’s most disruptive technology companies.

Name CEO: Dr Jeremy Sosabowski
Company founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @algodynamix
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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