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4finance is a global leader in digital consumer finance. We get money to you in a fast, convenient way that fits your lifestyle

We get money to people when they need it – quickly, conveniently and responsibly. We use cutting edge technology and data to offer convenient loans to customers across 15 countries. Since we were established in 2008, we have provided more than 9,000,000 Single Payment and Instalment Loans totalling over EUR 2.5 billion. 4finance is a responsible lender. We do not believe in burdening people, in hard selling, or in hidden charges and penalties. We are upfront and transparent about the loans we offer. We are a consumer finance group for today’s fast-moving world, a proven alternative to conventional bank lending. And we are growing fast. We understand that people sometimes need a convenient loan quickly – to fund a trip, pay a bill or make a purchase. We use innovative technology and data driven insights to provide that service – quickly, conveniently and responsibly. Accessibility is key. We can provide loans online, on-mobile, at kiosks and selected retail outlets Over 33% of customers now apply via their mobile phones Cutting edge technology means that we can evaluate credit worthiness and approve a loan in seconds It usually takes less than 15 minutes for money to be transferred to a customer’s account

Name CEO: George Georgakopoulos
Company founded in: 2008
Country: Latvia
Category: Alternative Finance


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